Google Suggest / Autocomplete launches Google site search

SEO Becomes a Top-Of-Mind Priority in Larger Companies

More large companies and big brands would realize the value of baking SEO into their website redesigns, rather than first redesigning and then trying to "wedge" SEO into their new site. More of these companies will also hire SEO consultants to work with their online marketing managers to help with this task and make sure it was done correctly.

Success measures will continue to evolve and focus on the metrics that matter

SEOs have traditionally measured success by tracking the rankings in the search engines for various keyword phrases. Emerging factors such as personalized search, geo-targeted search and multiple search engine datacenters mean that no two searches show the same results. Certainly, Google itself has had the most impact on this by ensuring that no two people will always see the same search results, and by making their free analytics program so robust. Once people use Google Analytics for awhile, they start to learn how to measure the success of their SEO campaigns in a manner that is much more helpful than rankings.

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SEO Trends in 2008