PANDA AND PENGUIN INFLUENCE ON ONSITE SEO MAY 28, 2014 ADMIN Panda and Penguin Influence on Onsite SEO Nowadays, organic rankings on Google are getting harder and harder to manipulate. The components of great SEO are still the same: onsite and offsite optimization. Onsite search engine optimization includes: a properly structured site unique and fresh content proper on page title, meta and H tags, etc. Google has zeroed in on duplicate content Google has zeroed in on duplicate content and now shows only the authority sites where I have recently published in the search results and ignore numerous syndications and reposting on my own blog. On the other hand It looks like Google is showing my own blog posts more prominently, sending more visitors for the search terms I have used. The Panda Reality The reality is that after the Penguin update and Google’s 500 changes a year and more, search engine optimization doesn’t make sense anymore. It’s more a gamble than a business. With SEO in 2012, search engines are pretty much 100% in control of your destiny. They change algorithms like underwear. Content is King | On Page Optimization | >

Content is King